Virtual Prayer Room

You are welcome to submit a prayer request to be posted on Trinity’s online Prayer Book of Intentions. These prayers are being offered up every morning as the Trinity community prays together. Join us in praying by adding these intentions to your daily prayer as well.

For all the intentions located in Trinity's virtual chapel prayer book. We pray to the Lord ....

I pray that our daughters are safe during Kairos this week. Safe as they travel to and from, and during the experience. Amen

For Jeanne Tepper, great-grandmother of Lauren Argamaso ‘25, on what would be her 84th birthday. Jeanne was the ultimate example of a strong, independent woman. She passed away suddenly in 2015 and is forever in our prayers.

Please pray for my father-in-law, Richard Connor. He had very serious lung surgery yesterday (11/9) and had some complications. He is in the ICU. Pray for good health, good rehab, and a complete return to normal breathing.
Submitted 12.9.2021

For the repose of the soul of Rafael A. Ruiz & Amparo Ruiz Rubio. Parents of Raquel Ruiz '83, Laura Ruiz'84 Celia Ruiz '85 Soledad Ruiz '89, and Grandparents of Kate Castillo '2017.

Amparo passed away one year ago on November 9th, 2020 surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

Please keep in your prayers Jimmy Harrington,
Sammy Corvino and Mike Kwasigroch. Thank you.

So that we remain faithful to Gods’ plan for us

Submitted 11.7.21

Jimmy Harrington’s recovery.
Submitted 10.24.21

Congratulations to Pamela & Eric on their engagement.
Submitted 8.31.21

For the friends and family of Robert J. Walsh, who mourn his passing. He was the father of Julie (Walsh) Fabrizius ('78) and grandfather of Rebecca Cormack ('22). May he rest in peace.
Submitted 8.09.21

Success to our son in his new job. Health to all during these trying times.

The family and friends of Dennis Cusack.
Submitted 7.28.21

For Triss Brady Meyer '67 and her family

Peace, Calm, Health & Success for our son;)
Submitted 7.16.21

Health, Calm & Peace for our son, his new job & fiance as they go forward.
Submitted 7.8.21

HEALTH & PEACE for my family
Submitted 6.1.21

Healing and rest for Blake and Sasha
Submitted 4.19.2021

For all the girls at trinity may the holy spirit guide them into the right path. Amen
Submitted 3.5.2021

Mike McNamara

For Mary Clare's successful shoulder surgery and recovery

Prayers for Roy’s health and for his family

Lois Baciagalupo Beauchamp '51, rest in peace
Submitted 2.9.2021

The Rotole Family
Joann and Bill Kramer

Please pray for the peaceful passing of Sandra Kay Neyenesch, for comfort for her two sons, Rich and Paul Neyenesch, her husband, Harry Neyenesch. May God welcome her with open arms into the Kingdom. Amen
Submitted 2.1.2021

Please keep Rory O'Connor in your prayers as he battles COVID 19. He is in the hospital on a ventilator and his lung collapsed. Rory is the brother-in-law of Trinity alumna Mary Frances O'Connor.

Mary Jean McGrail Walsh ‘78
Suffering with bladder cancer and has a big operation Jan 28th

For Joe Rotole - May he be strong in his fight against Covid-19
For the Rotole family
For Ann Zanoni and Steven Zanoni

Thank you for the opportunity that you give me to request a Prayer. The prayer is for my mother in law, my brother in law, and my family. My mother-in-law died two weeks ago and my brother in laws died
yesterday. My family are devastated because they were not sick but they got the Covi19. Thank you,
Angelica Jacinto
Submitted 1.18.2021

Healing for breast cancer

Peter has been diagnosed with stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Please pray for Peter and his wife LuLu as well as their four children.

Submitted 1.15.2021

Genie is having surgery on her neck today.
Please pray for a successful surgery.

Pray for the soul of Mary Schneider's Sister

Please pray for all the teachers, students & staff so God will guide them in this difficult time

Please pray for PJ Daly, husband of LuLu Romano Daly '78

For Mr. Daly, a true Blazer. You are loved. Good luck coaching in the big league, buddy.

For Colonel Michael Hayden husband of Jeannine Carrier Hayden

Submitted 1.11.2021

For the DeLeon family as they mourn the loss of their mother.

Success for my husband's radiation treatment

Physical & mental health for ALL. during these trying times

Submitted 1.5.2021

I pray for the intercession of Fr. Mazzachelli and Sr. Michelle in the healing of my friend Julia. May St. Claire and the saints also join their prayers with mine.

Health & well being for all of my family members

For the friends and family of Sharon Quimby, may she Rest In Peace and may her family feel the love and strength of God.

Submitted 12.14.2020
Carole Nardiello Kariotis, alumna, healing Stephanie Bonebrake Henry, healing Baby Michael Borg, grandchild of LuLu Romano Daly '78, healing.

The Costello/Quimby Family

Submitted 12.8.2020

The Flynn/Rice Family who are mourning the loss of their mother.
Karl Christensen who is going through chemotherapy.

A friend's mom who is fighting Covid-19.

Health for my family, keep them all safe.:)

Submitted 12.7.2020

Prayers for the soul of Big John McNair: May perpetual light shine upon him, and may Moe forever feel the strength and love in the squeeze of his hand.

Patrick and his health

Submitted 11.16.2020

Pray for improved health of CLARENCE MANGRUM, grandfather of Zuri Spencer ('22)

Submitted 11.10.2020

For Sandy’s health.

Submitted 10.26.2020

For the repose of the soul of Sr. Michelle - Trinity's #1 ambassador and promoter. May she continue to smile down and watch over all of us.

Please pray for the soul of Trinity Aluma Gertrude Daley Moran on her 100th birthday 10/24 and her family.

Submitted 10.22.2020

For Vicki Baney, that she may recover fully from a traumatic brain injury.

Praying for the intercession of the Blessed Mother and all of the Saints, as we ask that the Lord send His Most Holy Spirit to bless Miranda's Grandfather with healing, comfort, energy, and peace. In Jesus' name we pray.

Submitted 10.12.2020

Please pray for a healing recovery for Sr. Michelle Germanson and for a successful Bal Dominque.

Submitted 10.6.2020

Mary and Gabbie Meo's Papa and his family.
Please pray for successful surgeries and speedy recoveries for Karl Christiansen, Kathleen Zawisza, and Emmett Keegan.

Submitted 10.5.2020

Prayers for Tiara Hall '07, that she may rest in peace and for her family.  May they find comfort in her memories.

Please pray for my sister Kathy Runstrom who is in the hospital due to emphysema and lung cancer. May she be blessed with renewed strength and peace.

Let us say prayers of healing for SMG and all those battling illness. We pray for strength for the journey and the knowledge that it's on this journey where she'll find strength. Creator God, give all those seeking care the strength you promised in Your Word. As you walk with them, give them power and grace. Amen

Submitted 9.28.2020

All those suffering physically and mentally from the effects of COVID-19.

Please pray for my 3-year-old cousin Will who has a brain tumor and will be having surgery on, Thursday, September 24. All prayers are much appreciated for Will!
Submitted 9.24.2020

Healing of SMG, past President of Trinity High School.

For peace in my family

Submitted 9.20.2020

For new baby, April Ann, and my mom's surgery and that our new transitions are able to happen.

Physical & Mental health to all. A vaccine/cure for COVID-19 so that the terrible isolation that many are experiencing can soon end. :)

Submitted 9.17.2020

Ana Victoria Segoviano and her family.

All of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Please pray for comfort for the Cox family during this time of sadness and loss.

Submitted 9.11.2020

For Sister Michele

Praying for those who are in need of an organ donation find a donor.

God bless every Blazer as they return to their college campuses to begin classes. Keep them safe.
Submitted 9.08.2020

For Sister Michelle

Submitted 8.28.2020

Special request of the Ross Family.

Submitted 8.20.2020

May God guide the hands and minds of the doctors treating Miranda's Grandmother. Asking our Blessed Mother Mary's intercession for prayers of healing. Amen.
That our home sells and we find an ideal new location.
Submitted 8.16.2020

For the health and safety of all students starting/returning to college this Fall.

Request: For my 88-year-old father who is in the hospital in another state.
For Blanche Nauta.

For Theresa Claps.

Genevieve Valentino Santo for healing as she transitions from senior rehab living center to her own apartment

Mary Frances O'Connor for healing after surgery

Repose of the soul of Paul Konrath, for his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed, may they all, through the mercy of God, rest in peace

Trinity's Class of 2020 - Gratitude for their presence at Trinity High School and prayers for much success in their futures.
Submitted 7.27.2020

Prayers for Tom Oberdorf. That he remains safe as he goes through chemotherapy.
A good outcome for my husband's surgery & a quick recovery
 Submitted 7.15.2020

For Joe and Ronald Oczko.  
A quick recovery for my husband after his surgery :)
Submitted 7.7.2020

Physical & Mental well being for my family & all individuals during these trying times. :)
Submitted 7.2.2020

For the health intentions of Rodi Dongallo, Tata Dongallo, Dr. Marite dela Serna and Amy Mortola. For the souls of Antonio De Ocampo, Felix Gabales, Carlos Sinsay and Nena Pelaez. For the special intentions of Sandi Soriano.
Submitted 6.29.2020

For Kris as he struggles with his health.
For those struggling with mental health.
For Paul, Norleen, and Anita.
Submitted 6.23.2020

For GianCarlo DiGiovanni. May he rest in peace. From Lori McGreal.
Submitted 6.15.20   
Family and friends who are struggling with health and emotions.
Physical & mental well being for all individuals during these difficult times.:)
Submitted 6.12.20   
Prayers for HEALTH in our family
Pray for the physical and mental well being , of our family, and all individuals having difficulty during these trying times.
A Special Intention
Submitted 6.8.20   
Prayers for our grandson.
For strength through difficult times.
For all of the peaceful protesters who are in the streets these past couple of days trying to get justice for all of the black lives that have been taken by police brutality. We Pray to the Lord.
Please pray for world peace and healing. There is so much hatred and pain in the world, so many prayers are needed.
Submitted 6.2.20   
Prayers of recovery for those fighting illness or hardship due to Covid 19 or Rioting. Prayers of recovery for our city of Chicago and surrounding suburban areas and the Police Fire Healthcare men and women who keep us safe.
Prayers of recovery for our United States
For a friend who is struggling with health issues.
For peace and justice.
For Carlo and Edda D’Amico who recently passed from Covid -19. May they rest in peace.
Submitted 6.1.20     Click here for today’s prayer
Prayers for Grandpa Keith, in the hospital now- pray he comes home and is not too lonely now.
For a private special intention for peace, comfort and healing.
For the Class of 2020! May they feel how loved and admired they are as they enter the next chapter!
Submitted 5.26.20     Click here for today’s prayer
Let us pray for my cousin, Bernie Ortiz, who died suddenly.
Submitted 5.18.20     Click here for today’s prayer
For a friend who’s grandfather, Mauro Capurso, recently passed away and who cannot attend the funeral
I pray for the student who’s parent got COVID-19 that they remain healthy, that their parent recovers, and that she has peace of mind.
Submitted 5.13.2020  Daily Prayer Click Here
Leroy Burian, great grandfather of Hannah Mahay ’23 who passed away on May 9, 2020 at the age of 97.
Sr Jane smith and all the Benedictine sisters of Chicago many of which have Covid 19.
Please pray for all expectant mothers during this time of stress and uncertainty.
Submitted 5.12.2020    Daily Prayer Click Here.
Please pray for two of my high school classmates, Mary Cundari & Irene Godinez. Both have battled cancer and are now in hospice care.
For all first responders, especially those in our Trinity community family including Mr. Carey and Mr. Brophy.
For a good friend who is suffering with cancer and his wife.
Submitted 5.11.2020    Daily Prayer Click Here.