Trinity/Dominican Partnership

Trinity High School & Dominican University Dual Credit Program
Beginning in August of 2023, the Theology Department at Trinity High School and Dominican University entered into a dual credit agreement.  Trinity students can earn college credit by taking required theology courses at Trinity High School or summer courses at Dominican University.  The partnership involves the following:
  • University credit (3 Dominican University Theology Credits) earned through this program can be used as Theology course credit at a Catholic university or humanities/elective course credit at a public university in the future. (Subject to university approval.)
  • Students who enroll will be able to participate in other opportunities to partner with Dominican University and will have the option to attend Dominican University Siena Center speaker events.
  • Trinity students attending the Dominican University Summer Course will have access to Dominican University’s library. Students will get a glimpse of university experience while participating in the dual credit opportunity at Dominican University.
  • Trinity High School is exploring options to implement additional enrichment opportunities in the future.
Courses taught at Trinity High School:
  • Courses that currently run during the school year at Trinity High School.

  • Taught by Trinity’s faculty Mrs. Panik and Ms. McBride '87 who are Dominican Adjunct Instructors and hold Master’s Degree in the subject area of Theology.
    They are considered adjunct instructors for Dominican University and will provide rigorous instruction in courses that will align with Dominican University course standards and learning outcomes.

  • Classes at Trinity offered during the school year:
    • 062/God, Faith, and the Human Person
    • 027/World Religions
  • The above courses have been aligned with Dominican University’s:
    • THEO 242/Mystery of Evil
    • THEO 105/Introduction to Interfaith Studies
Dominican University Credit Summer School Course Offerings
DU Courses that provide Theology credit at THS (DU summer course offerings may vary):
THEO 105 Introduction to Interfaith Studies .5 credit
  • Dual credit senior level Theology 027 - World Religions
  • Open to rising Seniors
● THEO 242/Mystery of Evil
  • Dual credit for Trinity’s senior level Theology 062 - God, Faith and the Human Person 
  • Open to rising Seniors
DU courses that may not be taken for credit at THS, but may be taken for transferable university credit
● THEO 235 Flawed Families of the Bible
○ Open to rising Seniors
● THEO 122 New Testament 1: The Gospels
○ Open to rising Seniors 

Courses at either location cost $300 per student per course. Courses at Trinity should be paid directly to Trinity High School. Payment for courses taught at Trinity is due on 2/1/2024 for Blocks 3 & 4. 

For questions, contact Mrs. Mary Panik, Trinity Theology Chair, at