Visual Arts

Blazers create to impact others!

At Trinity, a comprehensive four-year college preparatory visual arts curriculum as well as our International Baccalaureate two-year programs in IB Art and Design and IB Film are available to all students. In class and through extracurricular opportunities, students hone technical, design, media and conceptual skills. Frequent exhibition events give students the opportunity to participate in as well as curate student exhibits which include annual shows such as the Christmas Fine Arts Evening, the Earth Day Art Exhibit, the IB Art and Design Student Showcases, the IB Film Festival, the Spring Fine Arts Evening and exhibits in the outside community.

Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in Trinity sponsored clubs and organizations which build community and promote service through the arts. Students in the National Art Honor Society, TAD (Trinity Advertising and Design Team), and Art Club work together to showcase student talent, promote school and community events, raise money through charitable auction events, paint murals, and complete many hours of community service. Those students who choose to continue their studies of the visual arts at the university level are highly prepared with valuable experiences and digital portfolios of their accomplishments.

"Trinity High School offers an exceptional IB art program characterized by outstanding student work that is rich in conceptual content and executed with high level skills. Any conversation with the girls engaged in this program reveals an intense level of engagement with important ideas that manifest in their artwork as important, and relevant, social and/or personal statements. The strength of the program is reflected in the obvious freedom exercised by students in the pursuit of their personal interests while at the same time demonstrating their recognition of the necessity to attend to relevant issues that are explored in highly disciplined ways … both conceptually and technically. All the students I have spoken to in the Trinity IB art program are deeply committed to their learning in the visual arts, have developed strong collegial ties with their classmates and teachers, and demonstrate a highly sophisticated level of intellectual enquiry about art, learning, and life. They are clearly excited by what they are doing. It is a fantastic program, amongst the very the best I have seen in the state and the nation.”

-Dr Douglas Boughton, PhD

Professor, Northern Illinois University
Former Chief Examiner of Visual Arts, International Baccalaureate Organization
Recipient of the 2017 NAEA National Higher Education Art Educator Award