Welcome from Trinity's President

Laura M. Curley, President

Welcome to Trinity High School!

Whether you are an old friend, or visiting our website for the very first time, I know you will find many things on these pages that will help you get to know Trinity High School better.

When I began the process of interviewing for the position of President, one of the things the board of directors asked of me was to look at the mission statement, then tell them what it meant to me.

Trinity High School, in the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, challenges young women to seek faith, knowledge and truth.

The school community guides young women in developing skills for lifelong learning, an ethic of care and a desire for excellence.

Each student is recognized as unique. In a nurturing, Catholic, college preparatory environment, she is encouraged to become self-directed toward responsible participation in the global community in order to impact society, Church and family in the twenty-first century.

Having been in and around Catholic Schools for more than a decade, not counting the 12 years I was a student in Catholic Schools, I have seen a few mission statements. Lifelong learning, global community and impacting society are things that many other schools will also say in their mission statement. But to see what makes Trinity special is what you see when you strip away the phrases and clauses, revealing the very basic tenets of what it means to be educated at Trinity.

English majors rejoice, I’m about to parse sentences!

Trinity challenges 
We don’t just teach our students, we challenge them. It is of utmost importance that a young woman leave Trinity with the ability to challenge herself, and to rise to any challenge put before her. We don’t have teachers lecturing and students memorizing. We challenge every young woman to think for herself, and to seek faith, knowledge and truth for herself.

Community guides
What’s noticeable is that while we challenge our students, we don’t leave them alone to figure it out. The entire community, parents, faculty, staff, Board of Directors and 102 years of dedicated alumnae are actively participating in guiding the Blazers through sometimes difficult situations. We will challenge your daughter, and help her stay on a path that will lead to great things.

Each student is recognized
Ok, so maybe that one isn’t as bare-bones as the others, but it is important! When we come right down to it at Trinity, students are treated as individuals. No two students have ever been the same, and the community rallies around these differences. We see who you are, we hear what you’re saying, and we recognize your importance in our community.

She is encouraged
“She,” not “They.” Again, focus is on each singular individual student. She will find the greatest cheerleaders as she searches for truth and knowledge. The students push one another to ever greater heights and the faculty, staff and entire community is there to cheer them on.

So, if you’re interested in an institution that challenges, guides, recognizes and encourages each individual student, you’ve come to the right place. On behalf of the whole of the Trinity community, parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumnae, we’re glad you’re here. You want what’s best for your daughter, and the best IS Trinity.

I look forward to seeing you in the halls on Lathrop and Division!