Academic Programs

Trinity High Schools academic programs challenge and inspire girls to discover their passion and realize their potential.

The Trinity High School College Prep Advantage:

Trinity High School’s College Preparatory Program establishes a solid educational foundation through a full complement of demanding courses designed to develop and deepen the desire for academic excellence. Not only are Trinity’s College Prep courses designed to challenge and engage students, but College Prep at Trinity is student centered and offers several distinct advantages:

The Trinity High School IB Program

The International Baccalaureate curriculum offers students a rigorous set of college-level courses in multiple areas of study. IB is designed to challenge students on a level parallel with international honors standards.  Students may follow the full IB Diploma Program or select particular subjects of study as IB Course candidates. 

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  • Block Scheduling

    As the first Catholic high school in Illinois to implement 4 x 4 block scheduling, Trinity is the leader in teaching on the block.  Our faculty have been trained in the most recent teaching and learning strategies that help students achieve to their greatest potential.  The block schedule allows our students to focus more deeply on subjects and on the skills they need for the future.
  • IB Trained Faculty also Teach College Prep Students

    All Trinity students have the benefit of being taught by International Baccalaureate trained faculty.  IB trained teachers receive extensive additional hours of continuing education instruction by attending seminars and workshops all over the world.  All of Trinity’s IB trained teachers instruct college prep courses, incorporating IB instructional techniques and learning methods.  This gives all Trinity students access to instructional methods used globally.
  • College Prep and IB Collaboration

    Theology, Health, Fine and Performing Arts, and all elective courses integrate both College Prep and IB students in the same classroom. Trading ideas, tackling problems while partnering together both College Prep and IB students raise the level of discourse and engagement across the board for all students.  This collaborative effort builds a solid academic foundation for all students.
  • Pathway to IB

    All Trinity students can have access to IB courses.   As students gain their footing at Trinity and begin to excel in the classes they are taking, highly motivated students taking College Prep courses have the opportunity to move into IB college-level classes in every academic subject area.  Our hope is that ALL Trinity students graduate having tested in at least one IB course!
  • Single Gender Environment

    A single-gender environment fosters self-esteem, which plays an integral role in educational success.  Trinity teachers understand the distinct learning styles of girls and use research-based educational strategies that ensure optimal learning.
  • Class Size

    The student/teacher ratio at Trinity High School is 15:1 and provides students with individualized in-class attention and a student/teacher connection that impacts student confidence and competence.  This, along with the block schedule, creates a very powerful combination for each student to truly excel.