Why an All-Girls School?

Engaged. Confident. Empowered.

At Trinity we know how girls learn! We also know that learning in an all-girl environment gives our young women the opportunity to showcase and explore their intellect, interests, and talents. They feel free to investigate, experiment, explore, examine, consider, discuss, and create. Trinity girls run the show: every scholar, newspaper editor, team captian, lead in the play, coder, and council member is a girl. So, when our girls graduate, we know they are ready for the world that lies ahead, because for four years all opportunities to be confident, engaged and empowered went to our young women. 

Trinity teachers understand the distinct learning styles of girls and use educational strategies that ensure optimal learning. Collegiate-style block scheduling and co-operative, hands-on learning techniques offer multiple, varied opportunities for Trinity students to master core subject matter.

Harvard School of Education

Graduates of all-female schools are one and a half times more likely to graduate from college with degrees in math and science, and twice as likely to earn doctorate degrees.
A Trinity single-gender education empowers girls to fully meet academic challenges, grow into self-confident women and lead a life of significance.
Trinity strongly believes a single-gender environment fosters self-esteem, which plays an integral role in educational success.

Deak, JoAnn. How Girls Thrive. Green Blanket Press, 2010

The most common and immediate effect of single–gender experiences … girls report that they are more confident about talking, tackling problems, and expressing their ideas.
At a single-gender school girls and only girls play all the roles – math wiz, star athlete, and class president. From teachers to fellow students, Trinity girls witness role models who positively impact their lives and influence their futures.
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Trinity is a member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools. For more information click here.