Isabel DeLuna ~ My Senior Story

Trinity is special because I found a community there. I had chosen Trinity because of its academics and how friendly everyone seemed, and over my four years, I found so many spaces and so many people who helped me find my interests and who cultivated a great high school experience for me. 

The Just Because Games is always my favorite thing each year.  

My message to Future Blazers is to trust in yourself because you are capable of pulling off more than you think! And use your resources!!!

For the scholarship, I went through a group interview, an individual interview with the scholarship director, and a group interview with Cornell University representatives. The day after the third interview, I got a message asking if I could call to answer further questions about my interview. I answered the call while at dinner with my mom, and they asked me a couple of questions, one of which was, "What are you most excited to do on campus?" When I answered, they told me I would be able to do those things at Cornell because I had not only been accepted but had received a full-tuition scholarship. 

Cornell University ~ Majoring in Religious Studies and Philosophy and minoring in Creative Writing, plan to be a Religious Studies Professor, Immaculate Conception Grade School, Elmhurst
Posse Scholarship