Lily Heidersbach ~ My Senior Story

Trinity High School is unique among the multiple options for private catholic education in our area. The family-like culture that is developed by students, teachers, faculty, and staff creates a welcoming vibe that makes Trinity home away from home. At Trinity, I have always felt that we work hard and play hard. The IB program has given me opportunities for academic growth I wouldn't have had elsewhere and between my school work, there has always been an abundance of fun activities to participate in.  

My favorite Trinity tradition is Just Because Games. No other school has anything close to it and it has always been so special to me. The whole week of dressing up, games during 3A/B, Penny Pitch, Breakfast of Champions, and the actual games themselves is an amazing tradition that gives all students something to look forward to during a strenuous time for academics.  

My message for Future Blazers is to soak up every day at Trinity. Appreciate the little things like your favorite class, sitting with your lunch table, fun assemblies, Trinity dances, sports practices, and everything in between. Once you are a senior you finally understand the saying "The days are long but the years are short." Looking back on my high school experience, I have so many memories within 7574 Division Street that I wish I could go back and relive.  

University of Wisconsin-Madison ~ Majoring in Nursing, St. Paul of the Cross School, Park Ridge