Grace Kastenholz ~ My Senior Story

Trinity is special to me because I grew up coming here when my mom worked on the board and I went to the Blazer Summer Camp. I was in the camp for years and eventually became a Junior Counselor. I had always felt at home at Trinity, which continued through my high school years.  

My favorite Trinity tradition is easily the Just Because Games. I love seeing the halls and the stands filled with each class color. School spirit is an easy way to make students feel at home. 

My message to Future Blazers is that a lot is going to change throughout these 4 years; don't be scared of it! Change is scary; trust me, I know, but there is always a bright side if you look for it! 

When I visited Kent's campus, I immediately loved it. It was full of bright colors and welcoming people. I loved each building I saw, especially the one where I will spend a lot of time, Rockwell Hall. Rockwell Hall is where all of the fashion classes take place, it's as if you've walked into Devil Wears Prada. The second I pictured myself learning in that environment, I knew it was the place for me.  

Kent State University ~ Majoring in Fashion Merchandising, St. Giles School, Oak Park