River Andersen ~ My Senior Story

Trinity is special to me because it has introduced me to many people and to the friends I see as family. I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. Even though some parts have not been the best, I will never forget my time here.  From Spirit Weeks, the 3a/3b bake sales, to running clubs and making mix master announcements, I have truly valued my time here and I think it has helped me become a better person and a better friend.

My favorite tradition is Captain Blazer's Birthday!  Everyone is hyping each other up, meeting new people, and best of all dancing on the SMG Lawn and eating popsicles. It will always be my favorite Trinity tradition.  

My Acceptance story:  We submitted our portfolios to Slideroom for IB Art and a week later I received an email from MIAD saying that they are willing to offer me a large scholarship and to apply today. I submitted an application and my portfolio. 5 minutes before the Senior IB Art Exhibition, I received an email saying that I was accepted and they gave me a 4-year scholarship. I was able to commit to MIAD in early March and I'm so happy!

My message to Future Blazers:  Take risks, communicate with your teachers, go for the part, step out of your comfort zone, make a new one, then step out of it again. We live in a society that naturally suppresses others so the best thing we can do is be there for each other and ourselves. Because how can we have strength in numbers if we don't have strength in ourselves? Find out who you are and share it be proud, be loud, be awesome! 

Milwaukee Institute of Art And Design ~ Majoring in Fine Arts, St. Edward School, Chicago