A Time of Reflection

Shannon McGinnis '13 - May 2020
I am an RN at Northwestern Memorial Hospital downtown. My unit has been a COVID unit for almost two months. It has been a great challenge that my team took head on. We worked together to get the unit up and running quickly, with patients coming in scared of the unknown, the CDC and other guidelines changing daily, and extra staff coming on and off the unit for support. It has been a learning experience and I am grateful for all the support I have received. Northwestern has been awesome with helping the staff with any needs, both while at work and on off days. Every day we feel more confident in our care for these patients and work hard to give them the best possible outcome. This has been a time of reflection for everyone, and I feel blessed that I received the leadership skills and confidence in myself throughout my years at Trinity that have allowed me to face these challenges in the healthcare field.