A Higheer Degree of Learning

A Higher Degree of Learning
Unlike other honors curricula, the IB program challenges qualified juniors and seniors who have been recommended by their teachers to take part in a global community of academic excellence with emphasis on critical thinking, creativity and service.  This philosophy fits right into Trinity’s mission of educating the mind and nurturing the spirit of young women.  Due to their diligent work in high school, most IB graduates begin college with an advantage of forgoing up to two semesters of completed credit hours.  This academic bonus saves the student and her parents both time and money.  

Based on a strong liberal arts tradition, the full diploma program centers on six subject areas, three of which are studied on the higher level (a minimum of 240 classroom hours) and three others on the standard level (a minimum of 150 classroom hours) throughout the student’s junior and senior years.  In addition, the Diploma Program offers three unique requirements that complement the general program of study.  These include the writing of a four-thousand word independent research essay, completion of the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) component, and completion of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course aimed at integrating knowledge across the disciplines.