St. Dominic famously gave away his school books in order to care for the poor among him. In her own short life, St. Catherine of Siena spent time comforting and caring for those who were ill. The founder of our Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, was committed to serving others “wherever the work was most great and difficult” (The Memoirs of Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli).

This commitment to encountering the other, echoes recent sentiments from Pope Francis: “When you meet those most in need, your heart will begin to grow bigger, bigger and bigger! Because reaching out multiplies our capacity to love. An encounter with others makes our heart bigger” (Pope Francis & Encounter).

Trinity High School educates young women to embrace the global community in order to preach with our lives and actions. It is our responsibility to build a just society by beginning in our own communities. Through Jesus’ example, we learn to open our hearts to others in order to understand their needs so that we can transform the world together.

Finding Partners in Service
Trinity High School has ongoing relationships with many organizations throughout Chicagoland. You may find the contact info for these organizations in the Blazers in Action Service Manual.

You can also find opportunities for service in the following communications:
  1. Bulletin board outside of Campus Ministry (room 208)
  2. Visual announcements on TV in first floor hallway
  3. Homeroom announcements
  4. Service blast emails sent via Campus Ministry News to Trinity High School student emails

Students are encouraged to set up appointments with Mr. Hoch to discuss pairing student interest with local organizations. Stop by Campus Ministry (room 208) or send him an email to to set up an appointment.
Volunteer Match is a wonderful online tool for finding local organizations and opportunities in your community.

Requirements for Service
As a Sinsinawa Dominican school committed to preaching with action, students are required to complete at least ten hours of service with non profit organization(s) each academic year. Five of the required ten hours must qualify as direct service (the opportunity to engage face to face with the population in need). The remaining hours may be direct or indirect service (any task performed that benefits the organization or population served, but does not include direct contact or relationship with the persons served). The deadline for completing service is Friday, March 6th. Service documentation takes place through the x2VOL platform. For signing into account, students should reference the x2VOL handout distributed at the August training meeting. See Service Manual for detailed information on graduation requirements and documentation.

Blazers in Action Service Manual
You can find all the above information and MORE in the Service Manual.