Updates- Communication re: Covid-19

The well-being of all members of the Trinity community is our highest priority. Upon the news that some local schools have closed due to potential Coronavirus/COVID-19 exposure, we want to make certain that our students and families are informed and prepared.  This website contains information on Trinity’s actions to protect the health of our community.
  • Please remember that a student needs to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school after any illness. Keeping your child home when she is sick is one of the critical pieces of prevention.
  • If your daughter may have been exposed to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, even if you are not showing symptoms, do not send your daughter to school. Call your doctor to seek advice on how to proceed. Please contact Dean Maggie Carey 708-453-8345 to inform the school of the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Trinity students are being asked to bring their class materials home nightly so that in the event of an unexpected closure they will be prepared for our e-learning days.