Ursula Davis ~ My Senior Story

I transferred to Trinity at the beginning of my sophomore year and it was the best decision of my life.  At Trinity, I have grown so much academically, artistically, and socially and I have been equipped with the tools to continue to do so. In these coming years, I will attend Vassar College and continue cultivating my passions for theater and learning but I will always remember Trinity. 

Trinity is special to me because it has allowed me to participate in activities and classes I never knew I had an interest in. For example, I joined the bowling team my Junior year, something I had never even considered, and the bowling season has become one of my fondest Trinity memories. Trinity allows its students to grow in ways they never knew were possible and try everything they even have a slight interest in.
Trinity has given me a place to be a leader in so many different environments. Through theater, dance, and choir especially, I have gained so much confidence in my ability not just to perform but to help others do so at their best.

My favorite Trinity tradition is the Just Because Games. The amount of school spirit at Trinity is truly unmatched. Of course, I also have a soft spot for our pre-show traditions and chants in the theater department. 

I encourage all Future Blazers to try absolutely everything. At Trinity, there are no consequences for being bad at something or realizing you don't actually like it. Trinity is the perfect place to experiment with your interests and passions and I encourage you all to do so and never stop. 

My college acceptance story: From the beginning of the Fall of 2023 I knew I wanted to go to Vassar. I had visited and fell in love, so I applied early decision, signing a contract binding myself to the school if I got in. Naturally, I was ecstatic (and remain so) when I found out in early December that I was accepted. I cannot wait to attend Vassar College next Fall and continue exploring my passions for theater and learning in general. 

Vassar College ~ Majoring in Drama, Alcuin Montessori School, Oak Park