Elizabeth Greenberg ~ My Senior Story

Unlike many others, I wasn’t sold on Trinity the moment I walked into the building. I remember attending an open house, listening to Sister Michelle’s talk, and being amazed by her passion for Trinity; yet, I could not imagine myself ever being as excited about a school as she was. On the first day of freshman orientation, I was intimidated by the intense Trinity spirit exhibited by the Mazzuchelli Mentors greeting me at the door. I soon learned that this enthusiasm didn’t only plague the upperclassmen at the door, but also many members of the faculty and staff. Hearing about all the things each student was involved in during the student panel was overwhelming, and I still could not imagine myself ever being as involved or confident as any of these students. 
At the end of orientation, when Mrs. Bedell asked if we might consider applying to be Mazzuchelli Mentors next year, I didn’t raise my hand. I hadn’t yet found the confidence to even consider stepping so far out of my comfort zone. During my four years at Trinity, I gradually found that courage, achieving several leadership positions (I did end up becoming a Mazzuchelli Mentor!), building confidence, and making friends along the way. Most importantly, I learned that I was capable of anything, and that my friends and teachers would do everything in their power to ensure that I would succeed. Now, I can say that I, too, have been plagued by this contagious Trinity spirit, and I could not be more proud. Colby College, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest