Madeline Miller ~ My Senior Story

As a tiny fourth-grader lacing up her basketball shoes in the SMG, I had no idea that that court I was playing on would become my future home. It took me a long time to decide on a high school. Even with days until my eighth-grade graduation, I still didn't know where I wanted to go: my public school or Trinity. But, what made the most significant impact on my decision was genuinely the people I had met through basketball, more specifically the current players and another incoming freshman who enthusiastically convinced me that Trinity was the place to be. And trust me, it is.

Looking back on the decision, attending Trinity was the best choice I have ever made. When I first walked into the school, I was a shy, reserved kid. Being the only one from my middle school to attend Trinity, I rarely talked (and I mean rarely). But, as I prepare to leave, I know that I'm leaving a more confident, optimistic, and cheerful person due to my incredible teachers and classmates. Their contagious and lively energies never failed to make me smile and keep class entertaining, especially my IB HL Math family. But, most importantly, I have to thank my basketball family for their tremendous influence on my personal growth at Trinity. Through Trinity basketball, I have made some of my dearest friends, with whom I've made timeless memories I'll genuinely never forget: winning our first regional title, going for ice cream after games, discussing social justice issues, and bonding over shuttles every time we were late. These were indeed the highlights of my years. I have been through so many highs and lows with this team, and honestly, I'm going to miss them and the coaches more than they will ever know.

Trinity has prepared me for the next phase of my life. Now, as I head off to the college I've dreamed of attending since freshman year, I know my Trinity family will always be there to support me -- even from 2,029.7 miles away. University of California Los Angeles ~ Psychological Sciences (Pre Med), Mary, Seat of Wisdom.