Jerica Tan '15

Jerica Tan ’15 is currently a graduate student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine where she is working to earn a combined MD-PhD degree. She is spending her spring studying for her second-year medical school exams and volunteering in the COVID vaccination effort. This summer she will begin the PhD portion of her education when she researches the effect of mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain. Her combined MD-PhD degree will allow her to accelerate the translation of medical research to the creation of treatments that benefit patients.

While at Trinity, Jerica pursued and received her IB diploma and served as the Editor-in-Chief of Trinity's Blaze Newspaper. Her experience at Trinity not only gave her the foundation that she needed to pursue a career in the medical sciences, but it provided a broader set of skills that she brought with her to Barnard College, Columbia University. In particular, she credits Ms. Buckley’s journalism class and mentorship for giving her a passion for communication. She brought that passion to Barnard where she served as an editor for the campus newspaper, the Columbia Daily Spectator, covering news related to science and research. Outside of her experience writing about scientific research, Jerica worked in a lab using stem cells to investigate how the brain controls hunger.
Jerica thanks Trinity and its dedicated and loving faculty for providing her with a warm, supportive community and an excellent academic foundation!