Class of 2021 $39.5 Million in Record Breaking Scholarships

Trinity High School, an all-girls school in River Forest, has kept its seniors close to their hearts during the pandemic. The faculty and staff have not let COVID-19 get in the way of the school’s great plans for their senior class. Katie Granholm, Trinity High School’s College Counselor, has worked with her Trinity seniors as well as many colleges and universities during this uncertain time, helping ease the stressful college decision-making process. Through her support, she is helping students make their best and final decisions regarding schools.
Trinity’s senior class has a record-breaking number of monetary scholarships awarded, valuing over $39, 500, 000, averaging $333,000 per student! Over the past 5 years, the senior class has earned $140, 900,000 in scholarship offers. The Trinity Blazers represent 152-grade schools and 62 zip codes. This amazing senior class deserves the best sendoff possible!
Katie Granholm is offering a few tips for students and parents:
·       Everyone is concerned about whether campuses will reopen this fall, and what this will look like. My advice for now is to wait it out. In my conversations with admissions officers, colleges are making A, B, C, and D plans. Nothing is firm at this point, but we hope to have more clarity by July. If students are considering short-term community college enrollment, taking a gap year, or postponements of enrollment, they are advised to work closely with their intended four-year college or university. These decisions could impact the terms of admission and financial aid, so students should speak with their intended college to evaluate their options.
·       If family finances have been impacted by the crisis in a way that affects the student's ability to pay for college, students are encouraged to reach out to the college's financial aid office. Many schools have processes in place to request a financial hardship appeal. Financial aid packages are based on tax returns from 2018, and colleges are usually willing to consider more recent financial information if a student's ability to pay has been impacted.
·       It is so important that our seniors prioritize their physical and mental health during this stressful time. We want to ensure that when students arrive at their chosen college, they are healthy and ready to thrive. Find opportunities to connect (at a distance) with family and friends; and do something every day that brings you joy!