Additional time is the only accommodation provided by Trinity High School for the Entrance Exam (time and a half).  Students wishing to utilize this accommodation must submit a valid, 504/Individualized Service Plan in advance of the testing date.  The plan needs to be dated (evaluation within 3 years and reviewed annually) and include extended time as an accommodation.  

Trinity’s testing day is Saturday, December 2nd at 8am.

Documentation should be submitted to Trinity by Wednesday, November 29th. Documentation, in hard copy, can be dropped off at Trinity’s school office or scanned and emailed to the Director of Admissions at

After Trinity has received and reviewed the documentation, more information about testing procedures will be provided to prospective students and their families in advance of testing day. 
Trinity looks forward to meeting #FutureBlazers on December 3rd! Stay connected to Trinity with any questions (708.453.8343).