Zero Waste at Trinity

Trinity’s Environmental Club is working to implement a zero waste program to minimize the amount of waste the school sends to the landfill each day. Our efforts will begin in the lunch room with hopes to spread the program to the entire school for the entire school day.
For the remainder of the year there will be 3 sorting stations in the lunch room during all lunch periods. Each station will have containers for liquids, landfill, recycling and compost. The environmental club is working very hard to educate the Trinity community on what can be recycled and composted in order to decrease the amount of waste we send out.

At the beginning of the year a representative from Seven Generations Ahead came in to help us perform a lunch room waste audit. Prior to implementing this program we were sending about 77 lbs of waste to the landfill. Before Christmas break  the environmental club performed a zero waste trial. We implemented the program described above for one day. The results were astonishing…we diverted over 60 lbs of waste from the landfill in JUST ONE DAY! After our initial zero waste trial we sent only 13.25 lbs of waste to the landfills, the rest was composted or recycled.