Victoria Bendersky ~ Senior Story

If it were not for Trinity High School, I would not have met a diversity of people who I may not have befriended otherwise. Friends and teachers have made my past four years at Trinity happy ones and I am excited for my next adventure at Elmhurst College in the fall. 

On December 1st I walked up my stairs after school and checked the mailbox to see a blue box from Elmhurst College. Inside were an acceptance letter and a winter hat. I immediately texted my friends and family to let them know the good news. Without those friends, family, and teachers who supported me, especially the ones who have impacted my life the past four years, I would not be as confident as I am, that Elmhurst College is the place for me. When high school began, people told me that time flies, and I did not believe them, but the past four years of high school really have flown. 

Still, I cannot wait to continue meeting friends and teachers who will definitely make an impact on my life. I am thankful for the teachers at Trinity who have helped when I needed it most, especially three who left Trinity–Mr. Daly, Ms. Tebbutt, and Mrs. Harrington–and several who are still here: Mrs. Kane, Ms. Rosas, Mrs. Costello, Ms. Link, Mrs. Spohnholtz and Mrs. Hopek. My love for science, religion, history, art and even business classes have grown thanks to many teachers at Trinity who made learning fun. I cannot wait to become a teacher myself one day!

Victoria Bendersky, Elm Middle School, Elmwood Park
Elmhurst Collge, Elmhurst Illinois