Trinity High School’s Founder’s Day Scholarship


Senior Caroline Foulk was awarded Trinity High School’s 2012 Founder’s Day Scholarship. Founder’s Day is the day on which the Trinity community honors Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, the founder of the Sinsinawa Dominicans.
Trinity’s faculty nominated seniors who exemplify the qualities of Trinity’s founder: truthful, genuine, spiritual, courageous, bold, dynamic, enterprising, original, reflective, independent, visionary and open-minded. Each nominee wrote a two-page essay. The essay asked, “What would Fr. Samuel think of Trinity if he were to visit us today?”  Fifteen seniors were nominated. Nominees include: Paulina Dynak, Annie Planek, Ola Wysocki, Irene Binder, Nicole Evans, Zila Renfro, Shannon McGinnis, Mavis Santana, Maebh Sutton, Maggie O’Connor, Nancy Henz, Stephanie Richardson, Kitty Harrington, Francesca Martino, Caroline Foulk.


Six people read the essay blindly: the president, the principal, the vice president, the campus minister, the senior class monitor, and the director of student activities. These people came together to vote on the winning essay.

Caroline Foulk wrote, “Trinity has maintained their essence and mission. We’ve seen tough times and easier times. When people have doubted us or pitied us, we knew in our hearts that we were still strong. Trinity has climbed a mountain and reached the top. We put our flag in the ground, and we are proud to be the best. We refuse to go downhill, and we refuse to stay idle. Instead we build upon that mountaintop making a higher peak each year. We build with our accomplishments, we raise the stakes, we make new goals, and we reach the seemingly impossible.”

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