Trinity High School launches into its 100th with a plan for the future

Trinity High School is about to reach a milestone: one hundred years of educating and empowering young women. As Trinity begins to launch its centennial and strategically plan for the next one hundred years, it makes sense to begin a search for a new president, one who will take the baton which represents all that Trinity has become over ten decades and carry that baton into Trinity’s bright future, ushering Trinity into its next one hundred years of educating young women.

Sister Michelle Germanson, O.P. will remain as president as they search for the right person. Trinity is truly committed to finding someone who we know will continue the mission Trinity has created and has a vision for an amazing, woman-centered future. Once a new president is named, Sister Michelle will remain at Trinity as the President Emerita and still be present in the building, empowering the mission.

Sister Michelle said, “I make this announcement knowing that Trinity is well prepared for future academic and financial growth as we begin our second century of empowering young women.  We have put into motion many programs to make this high school the most awesome single-gender school in the Chicago area. I look forward to my new role at Trinity focusing more on continued relations with alumnae and stakeholders who are invested in Trinity’s mission.”

Trinity High School, a Sinsinawa Dominican sponsored school, appointed Sister Michelle President 25 years ago at a time when it was experiencing some challenges.  Under her charismatic leadership, several changes were made to secure Trinity’s future success.  Her first order of business was to expand the academic programs. That effort put Trinity into the unique position of being the second school in Illinois to be accepted by the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization, a globally recognized high school curriculum identified as the best in the world. As Trinity’s outstanding academic reputation was secured, student enrollment increased and finances stabilized.  Trinity is an academic powerhouse, and its successes will continue as it enters its second century of educating young women and leading them on paths of empowerment. In addition to holding a significant ranking in the International Baccalaureate, Trinity is also known for its mission-driven holistic education, unique fine arts program, and strong athletic accomplishments.

Today, Trinity’s academic statistics are impressive; 24 years of 100% college acceptance, and with this year’s graduating class earning over $23.5 million in academic scholarships, these numbers demonstrate that a Trinity education is well worth the investment.

“Sister Michelle, through her unique personality and strong leadership, has shaped Trinity to become the exceptional educational institution that it is today,” said Board Chairman Walter Healy. “Michelle has touched so many lives during her 25 years at Trinity and will continue to do so in her new role as President Emerita. Building stronger relationships with our alumnae and benefactors is crucial to our continued success.”

The Trinity Board of Directors has chosen William E. Hay & Company to assist in a nationwide search for a new president who will launch Trinity into its next century.