Trinity Athletic Director Announces Retirement

To say that you have accomplished your goals is quite an accomplishment. In the case of Steve Messina, Athletic Director at Trinity High School, River Forest, that certainly is the case. When Messina started at Trinity in February of 2004 the sports teams, aside from basketball, were mediocre.
Today, ten years later they are, across the board, teams in which Trinity girls can hold their heads high. And that was his goal. “When I started at Trinity my goal was to make this an athletic program where students can walk the halls proud to say they are a Blazer, no matter what sport they play. I wanted every student on every team to be equal and proud of their sport.” Mission accomplished! This year alone Trinity sent players down state for cross country and golf, and last year they were represented in track. Since his start at Trinity, athletics has participated in 26 regional championships, 6 sectional championships, 18 state qualifiers, and a softball team who took second at state. He saw the dream of new gym become a reality and now all Trinity students, not only athletes, can be physically fit with the state-of-the art Health and Fitness Center.

So, in his 10th year, Steve Messina has decided to announce his retirement. Messina says “I have had 10 amazing, great years at Trinity. I want to thank the administration and everyone who has worked with me throughout the years. Trinity has been like a family to me.” Messina looks forward to following the success of Blazer Athletics while on the golf course, traveling with his wife and enjoying life.

Replacing Messina in February will be current Health and Fitness Director Rachel Meiner. Meiner has been with Trinity since 2011 and has previously served as Athletic Director at Resurrection High School. She holds a Masters of Science Degree from Ohio University in Athletic Administration. Courtney Schlesser will become the new Health and Fitness Director at Trinity. Schlesser will continue as Physical Education and Health Department Chair & Instructor, a position she holds at Trinity since 2009. She holds a Master’s Degree in teaching and physical education from Concordia University as well as an administrators type 75 certificate as well as several certificates in exercise and fitness.

Trinity High School is an all-girl Catholic school located in River Forest.