Make the most of your time at home ~ Tip of the Day!

Whether you are home on Spring Break or taking your classes online “e-learning”, here is a list of ways to make the most of your #TimeAtHome.




March 27, 2020: Six Questions to ask yourself daily.  Click here for the article.


March 25, 2020: Put a stuffed animal in your window so children (and adults) can go on friendly animal hunts throughout their neighborhood.  Click here 


March 24, 2020: This is a great time to explore coding!  Click here for Khan Academy’s Hour of coding.  Additional resources:  Women Who Code Resources for the girls who want to learn to code


March 23, 2020: Looking for something to do during spring Break?  go to Disney – Virtually!  Click here


March 20, 2020: Miss your friends?  Get together and have a Netflix Party – Virtually Click here


March 19, 2020: Learn about our Solar System! NASA Library makes their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free.  Click here


March 18, 2020: Get those crayons out. It’s time to color!  Click the link for the Benefits of Coloring.  Download these amazing Trinity coloring pages.  Color them and post on Social Media #BlazerArtwork #TimeAtHome  Click the following links for downloadable Coloring Pages: Trinity Shield   Full Trinity Name    Blazer Logo   Girl Power Coloring Pages Captain Blazer  Trinity High School