Trinity High School has been educating and empowering young women since 1918. As we prepare for this milestone Centennial year, we are marking the beginning of our school year by observing the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Over 550 people gathered outside sharing this experience as a community. Coincidentally, the last solar eclipse took place 100 years ago!

Father Samuel Mazzucheli, the brave pioneer who along with a group of courageous and forward thinking Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters laid the foundation of what would become Trinity High School a century ago. It has been detailed in our archives that Fr. Mazzuchelli purchased a telescope in 1852 that would make its way to Trinity. As we gather this week to observe this historical event, we will be envisioning the initial 15 Trinity girls who shared a similar experience 100 years ago. What a beautiful way to mark the historic and unforgettable time ahead!