Students Experience Consequences of Distracted Driving

On Wednesday, 16 May 2012 all physics and health students were paid a visit by the Cook County Sheriff Department’s special unit on Distracted and Drunk Driving.
The purpose of this special unit is to educate teen drivers about the consequences and dangers of driving while impaired or distracted. The program contained an educational classroom component and an interactive field component. In the classroom component, students were presented with information through the use of power point slides and videos that included personal experiences of the consequences of DUI and distracted driving. Officers then provided an interactive component by conducting field sobriety tests with the use of impairment goggles. Under the direction of the officers, students also drove golf carts through a course wearing the impairment goggles and also while using a cell phone to text. The final interactive element was a distracted driving simulator. Trinity students experienced first hand the dangers of driving while distracted or drunk.