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2021 Senior Stories

We've asked Trinity's #ClassOf2021 "What's your Senior Story?" and to stop and think about your last four years at Trinity High School. They have accomplished so much over the past four years and have prospered under the most difficult of circumstances. They have struggled through the complexities of eLearning and reinvented “the norm” when returning to school this past fall.   Enjoy the stories of Trinity's Class of 2021!

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  • Julianna Garcia ~ My Senior Story

    Though it is odd to think about, originally, I did not plan on attending Trinity High School. During the summer going into my freshman year, the school I had intended to go to closed. In a way, I think it may have been the best thing for me. Looking back now, I truly cannot picture myself being anywhere else but here at Trinity. 
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  • Emily O'Callaghan ~ My Senior Story

    Where to start? When I think of my fours year at Trinity and all the opportunities attending this school has given me, so much comes to mind. I think of my personal, athletic, and academic growth, the friendships I have made, the memories I cherish so greatly, and all the support I have received on this journey. My time at Trinity has been truly life-changing. 
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  • Alexis Wojcik ~ My Senior Story

    Over the last 4 years at Trinity, I made a lot of great memories and met amazing people. The environment at Trinity is one full of excitement and school spirit. My time at Trinity has helped me to become more outgoing along with empowering me to be a strong and independent woman.
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  • Bridget Nelson ~ My Senior Story

    I first fell in love with Trinity at the age of 8 on a tour of the campus when my older sister was deciding where to attend high school. I was most attracted to the beautifully abundant art rooms where the senior IB Art and Design students were painting their murals on the walls. 
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  • Elizabeth Greenberg ~ My Senior Story

    Unlike many others, I wasn’t sold on Trinity the moment I walked into the building. I remember attending an open house, listening to Sister Michelle’s talk, and being amazed by her passion for Trinity; yet, I could not imagine myself ever being as excited about a school as she was.
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  • Madeline Miller ~ My Senior Story

    As a tiny fourth-grader lacing up her basketball shoes in the SMG, I had no idea that that court I was playing on would become my future home. It took me a long time to decide on a high school. Even with days until my eighth-grade graduation, I still didn't know where I wanted to go: my public school or Trinity.
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  • Abagaell Diaz ~ My Senior Story

    I was very hesitant about coming to Trinity at first. None of my other friends were interested and because of the all-girls environment. However, one day I decided to shadow my cousin and it was an experience I could never forget. 
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  • Carys Reed ~ My Senior Story

    Trinity is far more than a high school, as it has become my second home that has allowed me to create many lifelong friendships. The welcoming environment at Trinity is like no other, making every student feel empowered in both themselves and in their education. Ever since I entered the auditorium doors for freshmen orientation, I have felt the presence of this welcoming environment.
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  • Lysette Luna ~ My Senior Story

    Four years ago, I made the best decision: I made a decision to step foot into Trinity for my freshman orientation. I was terrified because I came from a small grade school and was not sure what I was doing with my life. Now, I look back and laugh. I know that I found my forever home and my forever family.
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  • Annabel Halloran ~ My Senior Story

    Trinity High School has been like a second home to me long before I stepped foot into the building on the first day of my freshman year in August of 2017. From years of summer camps to watching my cousins perform in Trinity theater productions to elementary school basketball games in the small gym, I had always felt a certain sense of comfort while circling the school (though I was always nervous when passing by the seemingly ginormous lockers I was convinced were going to engulf me at any moment)
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  • Mary Jacobs ~ My Senior Story

    I felt the contagious Trinity spirit from the moment I walked into the building as a 14-year-old at the open house my parents forced me to attend. It was during that 30-minute tour that I knew that this was the place I wanted to be, and 4 years later it is still the best decision I have ever made.
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  • Dawn Jackson ~ My Senior Story

    ‘This is where I belong.' I remember thinking this as I stood backstage peeking through the curtains, watching the show preview for Cinderella, on what happened to be my shadow day.  Of course, I was mesmerized by the action happening both on stage and off, but what struck me was the energy of the auditorium, the girls cheering and applauding for their friends, and the bright smiles on their faces.
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  • Nicole Ciserella ~ My Senior Story

    What I'll miss about these last 4 years are the people I've met and the community that's made me feel so welcomed and loved. I've truly enjoyed every class I've taken, I've loved meeting every person I met, and I've cherished all the moments I've shared in my last 4 years.
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  • Abby Divita ~ My Senior Story

    I remember my first day at Trinity. I was the typical nervous freshman who did not want to be outgoing and I stuck with the handful of friends I had made from volleyball camp in the summer. Now sitting writing about my Senior Story, I am astonished about the personal growth I have endured throughout these four years thanks to Trinity High School.
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  • Maya Trella ~ My Senior Story

    Trinity has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life.  Before attending Trinity, I wasn’t the most popular person and struggled with a lot of self-confidence issues. But within my first month of being at Trinity, I connected with people, made friends, and took classes that really sparked my love for learning.
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