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Trinity High School, River Forest, IL, inaugurated its Health and Fitness facility on Sept. 28, 2011, as part of its commitment to creating a culture of strength for young women.  Mary Ann Malloy, M.D., Trinity alumnae and honorary chair of the Health and Fitness Initiative, told audience members “strong women stay healthy and fit.”

“Trinity has been a leader to help each student develop her intellect and spirit,” Malloy said. “Now we are leaders in physical health and fitness as well.”

“The care of our bodies fosters well being,” said Monsignor Kenneth Velo, who led the evening’s prayer.  Velo expressed gratitude for the vision of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters who guide Trinity High School.

Trinity’s Health and Fitness Initiative is being incorporated throughout the curriculum with instruction on topics such as stress management and nutrition. What’s exciting is that this is not a state-mandated program; it’s a true recognition of a crucial way the school can help its young women be better prepared for life beyond high school.

“We would be remiss if we ignored the national health concerns that directly affect our young Trinity women – their health, fitness, and well being,” said Sister Michelle Germanson, president of Trinity High School.

The progressive and proactive program Trinity has put in place acknowledges that it’s not enough to provide excellent academic opportunities and a strong foundation of faith.  Trinity’s leaders believe every student, not just those on sports teams, deserves the proper tools and knowledge to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Drs. William and Victoria Brander, Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Kathleen Kurtenbach, and Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Mary Catherine Rauh are Co-chairs of Trinity’s Health and Fitness Initiative.