About Trinty’s Dance Program

Trinity’s new and growing dance program consists of two college preparatory dance courses as well as our International Baccalaureate two-year program in IB Dance.  In class and through extracurricular opportunities, students practice and perfect their technical skills as well as their artistry and choreography skills.  Students prepare all year long to perform and show their work in Trinity’s annual dance concert, as well as at events for Trinity High School.

Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in Trinity’s Blazerette Dance Club, which allows students to collaborate and grow with each other as they share their passion for dance with each other.

Course Descriptions


This course presents a brief overview of the history and fundamental movement concepts involved in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop.  Students will have a basic understanding of dance studio etiquette, as well as dance terminology.  These introductory dance units will also enhance the aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength of each student.  Students will have the basic knowledge of coordination, balance, alignment and muscle and spatial awareness.  Students will also use improvisation and composition tools to generate their own movement and collaboratively create a dance piece together.  All students will have the opportunity to perform in the Dance Concert if interested.  Students will be graded on historical facts for each style of dance as well as definition and performance.


The Dance Composition and Performance class is part of a comprehensive and sequential dance curriculum that embraces and teaches to the philosophy of “dance as art”.  Students will further their dance training in a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and ethnic dance by participating in dance technique, improvisation, choreography, performance, and dance inquiry writing.  Students will have more experience with learning, picking up choreography, and performing different styles of dance. Individual and group choreography and performance are emphasized.  The Dance Composition and Performance class curriculum will reflect various choreographic processes and strategies with a focus on finding individual voice and meaning through movement that challenges students’ technique.

*Students must take Introduction to Dance as a prerequisite


An Elective in the IB Curriculum, IB Dance will examine the theory involved in dance interpretation and the techniques of dance production. This course builds on the fundamental activities and information provided in Introduction to Dance and Dance Choreography, and engages the students in the development of more technical skills of dance, choreography, and culture appreciation.  Students will compose original pieces of work, research global dance styles, and perform solos, duets and group choreography for the Trinity High School Dance Concert.  Analysis and creativity are central to the study of dance.  A strong foundation in dance is recommended.

*Students must have earned at least a B in Introduction to Dance; must have taken either Dance Choreography or Dance Technique