Blazer Buck Events


September Blazer Buck Events
ThursdaySeptember 17, 2015St. Ignatius (Grammar School Night)Volleyball6:00PMSMG
TuesdaySeptember 29, 2015Loyola (Alumnae Night)Volleyball6:00PMSMG


Blazer Bucks Program

Step 1:  You attend an event on the list (See the list on the website and listen to school announcements).
Here is how the program works….
We are trying to booster support of our co-curricular programs here at Trinity and we need your help

Step 2:  You appreciate the exhibited art, you attentively watch a play performance or you cheer the Blazers onto an athletic victory.  You are respectful throughout the duration of the event or game.

Step 3: After the game, event or play, you find Captain Blazer or a designated THS employee to receive a Blazer Buck.  This Blazer Buck is stamped and dated.

Step 4: You save the Blazer Buck in a safe location.  Once you collected 4 or more Blazer Bucks, you receive an Out of Uniform Pass.

Step 5: You turn in your 4 or more Blazer Bucks on a date TBA to receive an Out of Uniform Pass for a TBA date.