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FAQs about Student Life

Q: Why is a girls’ school an excellent choice for me?

A: Because everything you do and want is taken seriously!

Women’s schools set high standards for young women while recognizing that each one will excel at her own pace. Girls and only girls play all the roles – math wiz, star athlete, and class president.  From teachers to fellow students, Trinity girls witness role models who positively impact their lives and influence their futures. school atmosphere provides the freedom to express yourself– to speak out, be heard, and engage in stimulating discussions. You will be encouraged to explore a subject, expand upon a theory, test out a new idea. You will know it’s OK to take intellectual risks because the classroom will also be home to discussions of critical questions about moral and ethical values. Self-confidence and self-esteem come from experiencing success; being successful is what going to a women’s high school is all about!

Q: What about friends?

A: They will be easy to come by and comfortable to keep.

Friends and lifelong friendships are one of the hallmarks of women’s schools. For many graduates, friendships are the defining memory of their high school experience. In a close-knit, safe community with small classes and exciting extracurricular activities, friendships evolve naturally. Saying good-bye to some acquaintances from your elementary school can be hard. But one thing is certain – your list of friends will be enhanced and expanded in a very special way at a women’s school.

Q: Without boys, how can a women’s school prepare me for the “real world”?

A: By putting you in charge of your own world first!

Finding your place among others and discovering your own true self are made easier when you are with other young women. Recent research has revealed that the way young women learn, the way they act and interact, is different from boys. Women’s schools offer motivated and capable young women the opportunity to learn their own way, with courses and teaching strategies specifically designed for the ways young women learn best. The “real world” needs people who are competent, caring, confident, articulate, skilled and prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. A women’s school education will give you a head start in all of these areas!

Q: Will I be as prepared for college as the young women who attend coed schools?

A: In many cases, even BETTER!

Recent research suggests that young women who graduate from single-gender high schools are more motivated and accomplished and have higher aspirations than their peers at other schools. In a single-gender setting, young women focus on the subjects and options that are most important for them without the distraction of young men during the school day. At women’s schools, you will be exposed to a wider range of opportunities and female role models, have your skills and expectations heightened in a “can do ” environment, and be valued for who you are!

Q: Do I have to be a superstar to attend a women’s school?

A: No, but you’re likely to become one.

Achievement comes as much from having the right attitude and equal access as it does from having the “right stuff.” Both the research and our experience tell us that young women thrive in single-gender schools devoted entirely to them and their learning. Each voice is heard; all talents are treasured. There is wonderful diversity among the young women who attend the Chicago women’s high schools. There are no stereotypes.

Q: What are the teachers like?

A: Outstanding, in special ways.

After all, they have extensive experience teaching young women. They understand the ways you will learn the best and set high expectations for you. They know what it will take for you to succeed both now and later in life. Teachers who choose women’s schools are especially friendly, dedicated, hard working, caring and deeply interested in their subject matter – and in you! You’ll find them easy to talk with and easy to find when you have a question or an issue you want to explore. Our students tell us that they turn to their teachers again and again for inspiration, encouragement, ideas and understanding. The teachers will come to know you well and will support whatever it is you want most to do and become. Because your classes are geared just to young women, you will receive the kind of attention and excellent instruction you so richly deserve.

Q: What will I do when I’m not in class?

A: Anything and everything!

Sports, drama, music, student government, publications, community service, and trips abroad to foreign ports are as much a part of your education as your academics. The opportunities for leadership abound; the choices are exciting. You’ll have the chance to be involved in a dazzling array of projects, teams, committees and productions. Just take your pick!

Q: Will there be activities that involve boys?

A: Of course!

Women’s schools welcome boys to our dances, our mixers and as participants in other school dramatic and social events. They enliven the weekend calendars of many of our young women. The best news is that the time during the school day is to learn and be on your own. We think it is the best of both worlds.

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