Sister Michelle Receives Trinitarian Award

Sister Michelle was “truly awestruck” at the spirit of the crowd of almost 400 guests who attended Bal Dominique on Saturday, March 24, at the Drake, Chicago.  This year’s event honored Sister Michelle as the Trinitarian Award Recipient.
This prestigious award honors her as a leader in the development of skills for lifelong learning, an ethic of care, and a desire for excellence.  Trinity has been blessed for 20 years with Michelle as president of  Trinity High School.  William Planek, Board Chair, says “Sister Michelle embodies the mission of Trinity as she labors tirelessly in the advancement of its mission.”

Sister Michelle’s Trinity journey began when she accepted a position on the first Board of Directors in 1990.  Her presidency at Trinity began in 1992 when Trinity developed the first principal/president model.  In 1994 the Board supported the decision to adopt the International Baccalaureate Program, followed by the Block Schedule in 1995.  In 1996 the Technology Project was launched and with it the first major fundraising project since 1962.  Trinity’s Athletics were commanding greater attention as the teams were progressing and growing.  In 2003 the Sister Michelle Grmanson Athletic Facilty was constructed.  In addition, in 2011 the Health and Fitness Center for Young Women opened.

For the past 20 years, Sister Michelle has shared her vision for Trinity.  Her efforts are dedicated to educating young women to learn and grow to be their best!

“With this awesome mission, and in partnership with everyone, we have catapulted Trinity into the present moment!  People stand in awe of all that we have been and all that we continue to be.  Together, we are Trinity!  Together, we have made an impact on the lives of our young women.”  Sister Michelle Germanson.