Sarah Ferri ~ Senior Story

Ferri_SarahI was playing it really safe with my college applications and only applying to schools I knew I would get into. When I went to ask Mrs. Mroz for a letter of recommendation, she asked me to consider applying to a reach school. I decided to go for it, I didn’t have anything to lose. I ended up applying to New York University. I got into the other five schools I applied to, but still hadn’t heard from NYU. Finally, the day they send out admissions decisions came around. I had zero expectations about what would happen. I was out with a friend when I received an email from the school, and to my complete surprise I was accepted into their social work program. While I won’t be attending NYU, I don’t have to wonder “what if” when it comes to taking the chance and seeing how far I can go thanks to a really awesome teacher.


Sarah Ferri, St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago
Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin