Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program

Trinity High School’s Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program

In a time of declining enrollments and the closing of many single gender secondary schools,TrinityHigh School affirms its commitment to helping teenage women achieve their potential.  Nevertheless, these are challenging times.  In the spirit of accessibility,TrinityHigh School’s Board of Directors sets tuition at the lowest level so that no family bears the true cost of education.

In order to maintain a culturally and geographically diverse student body, Trinity offers need-based financial assistance.  One in three receives financial aid; an additional 20 students are on scholarships.  Unfortunately, many students are not helped.  Trinity knows that parents make great sacrifices to send their daughters here because of its great reputation for academic excellence.  While Trinity attempts to assist the student with the greatest financial need, resources are continually taxed due to the maintenance of a mature building and new curriculum and technology projects.

Currently, just over 35% of Trinity students qualify for financial assistance.  In Fall, 2005, Trinity established the Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program  so we would not have to say “no” to a young girl seeking a Trinity education.

There are many stories of Trinity students who demonstrate a significant need.  Some come from families with income levels below the poverty level.  In addition to keeping up a rigorous academic schedule many girls work during the school year and summer so that they can continue their studies at Trinity.  Their dream is to demonstrate their high potential for success, and move on to study at the college level. TrinityHigh School will not leave these girls and their dreams behind! 

 Trinity’s Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program seeks the support of alumnae, corporations and organizations who are willing to make a significant difference in the life of these deserving students.  For the 2012 – 2013 academic year, the actual cost of educating a Trinity student is $11,000, yet tuition is $9,500; sponsors commit to easing the burden of the financially deserving by covering tuition costs/ or a portion of the expense for a predetermined period of time. Selected students are monitored by Trinity’s guidance department and administration, and they must participate in the work/study program. 

In the spirit of the Sinsinawa Dominicans, who truly sponsored their students to reach greater goals, Trinity High School is seeking assistance for its Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program, for students in the class of 2016, for four years. 

Trinity High School takes great pride in its success of maintaining the spirit of the all-girls environment.  Trinity guides young women in developing skills for life long learning, an ethic of care and the desire for excellence. Its curriculum continues to educate the whole person, spiritually, and academically.  Trinity High School is    confident that by participating in the Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program, the Sinsinawa tradition of challenging girls to seek faith, knowledge and truth will endure.