SMG Financial Assistance

In the Spring of 2012 the Board of Directors wanted to commemorate Sister Michelle for her illustrious tenure as President of Trinity High School for the past twenty years. Along with honoring her with the prestigious Trinitarian Award, they also established the Sister Michelle Student Assistance Fund.

It is no accident that under Sister Michelle’s leadership, Trinity has become one of the THE premier Chicagoland high schools. Continuing the traditions of single gender enrollment along with academic excellence,  Sister Michelle never wants to turn away a qualified, inquisitive and bright young woman because of financial challenges.

Offering financial assistance to those who have a desire to enhance their academics, athletics, fine arts and service to others has been beneficial to the student and ultimately to Trinity and society.

If you would like to support the efforts of Sister Michelle to open doors for students that may need assistance in order to compete in a challenging curriculum, please click here to support the Sister Michelle Student Assistance Fund.