Giving Opportunities

Annual Appeal – Major Gifts – Legacy Gifts

Blessed with the philanthropy of our strong benefactors, our alumnae, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations, Trinity thrives! Your support assists us in offering programs that shape and define the woman of the 21st century; well educated, with a positive sense of self and compassion and service to and for others.

We ask for your commitment to maintain and grow the excellent programs that Trinity, in the Sinsinawa tradition, deliver to our young women, tomorrow’s leaders.  Please review the varied ways you can make a significant impact on these fine students. For more information regarding the following giving opportunities, contact Andrea Day at 708.453.8396. 


Click here for a sample of ways to give and a glossary of giving.


I. Annual Appeal

Gifts to the Annual Appeal are unrestricted and are an investment in furthering the Mission of Trinity High School; academically, spiritually and through service to others.   Regardless of the year, Trinity continues to instill Knowledge, Strength, and Faith in our young women!

Sponsor a Student

In the spirit of the Sinsinawa Dominicans, who truly sponsored their students to reach greater goals, we seek assistance so we do not have to say “no” to a young girl seeking a Trinity education.  Trinity’s Pay it 4Ward Program is extra ordinary philanthropy comes in many ways. This program requires a pledge/payment commitment to assist a specific student named by the donor for a young woman’s education at Trinity High School.  



II. Major Gifts = Trinity Circle





Excellence and sustainability for the Next 100 Years Campaign celebrates the accomplishments throughout our history while preparing Trinity for its next century of educating young women.  Blazing into the Next Century Campaign includes Trinity EmPOWERed, Theater Renovation, and Triquetra Society, and Memoriums/Honorariums.


St. Thomas Aquinas Circle $1,000-24,999 (unrestricted)
St. Catherine of Sienna Circle $1,000-24,999 (restricted)
Trinity Circle Gold  $25,000+
Campaign    Centennial Empowered Campaign
Trinity Scholarship  Less than $10,000 Name is recognized under Trinity Scholars
Named Scholarship Over $10,000
Named Full Ride Scholarships $14,400/Annual or $57,600/Full Ride (Named for 1 or 4 years)
Endowed Scholarships F/R $360,000/Annual or $1,400,000/Full Ride Legacy (4%)


The Trinity Empowered Campaign

Trinity EMPOWERED will do two things:
• Initiate an endowment fund that provides student scholarships and financial assistance for the future and ensures resources to retain and
attract the best faculty possible.
• Invest in Trinity’s infrastructure and renovate the facilities to be more efficient, sustainable and supportive of its academic excellence.

Theater Renovation – Be Part of the Master Plan

The Class of ’63 was the first class to graduate from the present Trinity auditorium.  For their 50th reunion, they inaugurated a “first class” initiative – to begin replacing the broken and irreparable auditorium seats. You, too, can “take a seat” and be a part of Trinity’s heritage. Purchase a seat for $250 and have it inscribed as a tribute to your parents, daughters, friends, and family.  The Trinity Theatre Master Plan for Renovation secures our unique Mission for generations of young women to come.  Artistic Innovation and Academic Excellence have kept Trinity at the forefront of young women’s secondary education since 1918. Trinity community members and neighbors are encouraged to attend our acclaimed student performances and those of our Theatre clients. Our renovation will continue to forge a path of education, creating spaces that enable young women to realize their potential and be confident, intellectual, curious, kind, and creative.

Please contact Andrea Day at for more information.  Click here for a listing of donors.

Triquetra Society

Trinity’s symbol of the Triquetra represents knowledge, faith, and strength. Yet it also reflects opportunities for our alumnae and friends to join in philanthropic efforts for Trinity: the annual fund, the centennial campaign, and planned giving. Together we can ensure Trinity’s sustainability for the next 100-years.



In Memorium

This program allows named individuals to be remembered in the Masses and daily prayers of the Trinity Community. A beautiful card with an etching of the school can be sent as an acknowledgment to the family or to the person who is being honored. Click here

This program can be used for:

  • A memorial of the life of someone who has died *
  • An Honorarium/Celebration of a significant occasion (i.e. anniversary, birthday etc.)
  • A Remembrance of someone who is ill and in need of prayers
  • Gratitude for an act of kindness

Memorial gifts totaling in excess of $1,000 will place the deceased in the Heritage Society.

Contact Marigayle Harrington at 708.453.8328 to have mass cards sent to you.

III. Legacy Gifts

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The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is a giving society dedicated to preserving the future of Trinity High School. Membership is offered to those who notify Trinity that they have made a planned gift to Trinity, and to those who make a significant gift in the name of a deceased loved one.

Heritage Society gifts support:
• Academic programs
• Faculty enhancement
• Campus improvements

Planned Gifts allow you to arrange for a donation now that will benefit Trinity at the time of your death. All of these arrangements have tax benefits and some can even increase your lifetime income or provide income for your loved ones. Some examples are:

  • Charitable Request – a provision in your will or revocable living trust naming Trinity as the recipient of a fixed sum of money, or a percentage of your assets or a specifiec asset. A charitable bequest can eliminate or reduce estate taxes. Bequests are also flexible if circumstances change.
  • Named Beneficiary – You may name Trinity as the beneficiary of an insurance policy, an IRA, certificate of deposit or U.S. Saving Bonds simply by filling out a beneficiary designation form. As with a bequest, if circumstances change, you may change the beneficiary designation.
  • Income to You or Your Loved Ones – By setting up a special trust or annuity, you can establish an income stream for yourself or your loved ones while benefiting Trinity and reducing your taxes.

Trinity’s proud tradition is not passed on by chance but rather through the continued support and generosity of its alumnae, parents and friends. Help us continue to provide the premier quality education to young women by naming Trinity in your planned giving.

For more information please contact Marigayle Harrington at 708.771.8383 or

Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate and/or individual sponsorship provides excellent visibility for you or your company through Trinity High School.

To sponsor events and/or athletics during the school year please contact: Please contact Mary Beth Lavezzorio at 708.453.8343 or with any questions.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match varied charitable contributions made by their employees. Please check with your employer to find out whether your company has a Matching Gift program.  If so please submit the forms to us along with your donation.

Gift of Stock

 A gift of appreciated stock made directly to Trinity gives you a dual tax benefit.  You avoid paying taxes on the capital gains, and you can write off the full value as a donation when you itemize your taxes if you have owned the asset for more than one year.  To make a gift of stock toTrinity High School, please contact your financial adviser with the following information:

The designated shares should be sent to:
Merrill Lynch 
Contact:  Janet Marmo (630)954-6358
Please notify 
Jill Watts at in advance of any stock transfers so that proper acknowledgment may be made.  

Gift from your IRA distribution

If you are 70 1/2 or older, the government requires you to take a distribution from either your IRA or 401K.  These distributions are 100 percent taxable and can create an additional tax on your Society Security benefits, even if you give the money away after you receive it.  The good news is that if you redirect this distribution to Trinity, you skip the taxes!  To make a direct charitable distribution from your IRA, please click here for the letter of instruction and contact information.