Olivia Maher ~ Senior Story

Maher_OliviaBefore I got to Wooster, I had already been on seven college tours.  I did not know anything about the school.  My mom and I were taking a trip to Ohio to look at three different colleges.  The second college we were going to visit was Wooster.  About half an hour outside of the town I suddenly got a really weird feeling, like I was going home.  I didn’t tell my mom about it because I did not know what it meant at that point.  We drove into town and onto the campus.  Our tour was the next day but we decided to take a look around.  As soon as we got out of the car I fell in love.  There were so many trees! Much more than on any other campus I had visited.  As we walked around I could tell that both my mom and I were falling in love, but once again we decided not to jinx it and tried to stay calm.  Our tour the next day was everything I wanted.  The Vice Principal gave a speech to all the prospective students and he reminded me so much of Sister Michelle that I felt right at home.  So I guess I can say that I fell in love with my college even before I really knew that much about it, but everything I did learn on that tour and up to this point has made me so excited to start as a student there next year.

Olivia Maher, Hauser Junior High, Riverside
College of Wooser, Wooster, Ohio