Nicolette Lollino ~ Senior Story

Let me be honest. I did not want to attend Trinity at first, but as these 4 short, life-changing years flew by, I am leaving Trinity as a boss in this world. Trinity taught me how to be ambitious and most importantly to NEVER give up on your dreams. It has taught me that failure is another word for determination. I was skeptical about an all female environment, and I’m sure a lot of my classmates had this feeling upon entering Trinity too. This risk of mine appeared to be the first step I took into realizing that life is full of experiences, and if you don’t take risks, your horizons will never grow. I was taught to empower other women, and through these past 4 years, I saw my voice and opinions heard. I was valued regardless of what my gender was. 

Nicolette Lollino, St. Vincent Grade School
DePaul University, Chicago