Nicole Neyenesch ~ Senior Story

Neyenesch_SandraAs I reflect upon my last few months at Trinity, I think about the friends I have made over these last four years and the amazing experiences I have been able to undertake. As the end approaches, I come to realize how much of a family the Trinity community has become. I know as I move forward next year I will be able to return to my home on Division whether I am looking for love, support, or wisdom from the amazing students and faculty.  Thanks to Trinity, I feel prepared to enter the upcoming year with confidence and courage to overcome any new challenges. Due to the IB program, I feel as though I am able to tackle any subject with a holistic perspective. Because of the international approach, I can welcome new ideas whether I am reading an African non-fiction novel or debating social issues in French. My involvement in Trinity’s choir has allowed me to immerse myself in a myriad of cultures. Specifically, our trip to Spain allowed our choir to travel to Europe and sing for people of all nationalities. I have truly had an amazing four years in high school, and I cannot imagine receiving the same amount of attention, assistance, or affection from any place outside of Trinity High School.

Nicole Neyenesch, St. Luke Grade School, River Forest
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign