Julianna Garcia ~ My Senior Story

Though it is odd to think about, originally, I did not plan on attending Trinity High School. During the summer going into my freshman year, the school I had intended to go to closed. In a way, I think it may have been the best thing for me. Looking back now, I truly cannot picture myself being anywhere else but here at Trinity. Over the years it has become my home. It is where I’ve grown to be who I am today. The community and sense of family that I have experienced here at Trinity have been like no other. I constantly feel supported and welcomed by my teachers and peers. Though it is really hard to say goodbye, I am grateful for all that Trinity has done for me over these past four years. I will miss the chaos and energy that ensue from spirit weeks, the rigorous IB courses, and even seeing everyone in the hallways. Most importantly, I am going to miss the friends I made and have become so proud of. I am so grateful for all the memories that Trinity has allowed me to create with some of the best people I know. I am confident that Trinity has prepared me for my future, wherever it may lead. After graduating, I look forward to continuing my education at Saint Louis University where I will major in Nursing. I truly have Trinity to thank for the great education and life lessons I have gained throughout these past few years. St. Louis University ~ Nursing, St. Richard Grade School, Chicago