Emily O'Callaghan ~ My Senior Story

Where to start? When I think of my fours year at Trinity and all the opportunities attending this school has given me, so much comes to mind. I think of my personal, athletic, and academic growth, the friendships I have made, the memories I cherish so greatly, and all the support I have received on this journey. My time at Trinity has been truly life-changing. 

I came to Trinity from a very small grade school, as a very timid freshman who was uncomfortable in her own skin. From the moment I stepped foot into the sweaty auditorium, I was surrounded by so much love and excitement. I learned to value who I was as a person and to accept all the things that made me different because Trinity taught me that what made me different was what made me special. I grew in confidence and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. 

All the opportunities at Trinity helped me find what I love doing. The IB Program has fostered a deep love of learning in me. The rigorous course load challenged me to look beyond what is on the paper and expand my horizons as a learner. The service opportunities through both Campus Ministry and CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) have sculpted me into a passionate server of others. I carry this passion with me into my intended career as a Nurse. The athletic department has encouraged me to be a determined athlete and a team player. As captain of both the Varsity swim team and Varsity lacrosse team, I have grown to love every person on my team and value everyone’s contributions to each team. Each aspect of Trinity is infused with support and encouragement. Never once have I felt discouraged by my peers or overwhelmed with competition. All the girls and teachers/coaches work together to make one another better. Trinity has shown me what it means to feel valued and to thrive in a healthy, supportive environment.

Most importantly, Trinity has provided me with lifelong friendships that I will cherish forever. The women I have grown up with over these past four years are some of the most empowered, intelligent, beautiful, kind human beings I know. Every person in the Trinity community is unique and important and showed me what it means to be loved despite my many flaws. These women have given me hope for our future and the confidence to be my true, authentic self. I have the most amazing friends, all of whom I know will change our world for the better. They will hold a special place in my heart forever and I will cherish the memories we all have together.

Looking at myself today, I am happy with the person Trinity helped me to find. I feel I have become a fearless leader, hard worker, devoted friend, and an empowered young woman. To Trinity — thank you. There are no words for the gratitude I feel for all Trinity has given me over these four years. These have been the best moments of my life. Trinity will live in my heart forever. Clemson University ~ Nursing, St. Francis Borgia, Chicago