Bridget Nelson ~ My Senior Story

I first fell in love with Trinity at the age of 8 on a tour of the campus when my older sister was deciding where to attend high school. I was most attracted to the beautifully abundant art rooms where the senior IB Art and Design students were painting their murals on the walls. With the art rooms and the inspiring words of the students and faculty in mind, I knew that I had to become a Trinity Blazer. At the start of freshman year, I quickly realized that Trinity had a lot to offer in addition to the amazing art program. With the encouraging all-girls environment I was able to immediately, almost unconsciously, break out of my shell by participating in Volleyball, Student Council, Ambassadors, and numerous clubs. Through my early freshman year experiences, I not only made long-lasting friendships but also began to identify as a leader, something I had not been able to do before attending Trinity. As a Mazzuchelli Mentor, Captain, Ambassador, and Co-President I was able to easily develop the skills that made me the empowered leader I am today. I know that the leadership qualities that I obtained through Trinity in addition to the academic rigor of the IB program helped me get into my dream college and will continue to help me succeed in all my future endeavors. While I am sad to leave the building, I am at peace knowing that Trinity prepared me in every possible way for the future and that the feeling of Trinity will never truly leave me. University of San Diego ~ Finance and Marketing, Visitation Grade School