Abagaell Diaz ~ My Senior Story

I was very hesitant about coming to Trinity at first. None of my other friends were interested and because of the all-girls environment. However, one day I decided to shadow my cousin and it was an experience I could never forget. I was lucky enough to shadow on a day that was a late start with a mass/pep rally. All I can remember was the community of girls that were just being themselves. Not afraid to tell their truths or to speak out in class. I decided then and there I would be taking the entrance exam here alone. On the first day of school, I wasn’t even nervous, even if I had no one else there with me. I saw all these girls with their grade school friends. That wasn’t my case, therefore it was up to me to step out of my comfort zone and make some. I fortunately did and we’ve stuck together through it all. It’s been four years of joy, tears, and hard work. It has paid off because now I’m graduating full IB and taking my exams. I am getting ready to go to Loyola University Chicago (Biology) to once again step out of my comfort zone and use the confidence Trinity has given me. St Frances of Rome Grade School.