Lysette Luna ~ My Senior Story

Four years ago, I made the best decision: I made a decision to step foot into Trinity for my freshman orientation. I was terrified because I came from a small grade school and was not sure what I was doing with my life. Now, I look back and laugh. I know that I found my forever home and my forever family. Trinity High School has shaped me into who I am today. It has given me the gift of my best friends, who are now my family, and it has taught me life lessons that I will take with me through all walks of life. Most importantly, it gave me hope for the future, that I am a strong woman who can do anything. I am confident that I will succeed at Illinois State because of what I learned here. Trinity allowed me to be me, screaming at the top of my lungs the Just Because Games, or going into the mosh pits at homecoming and throwing glow sticks in the air. The moments I have made here will be memories that I will cherish forever. 

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