Annabel Halloran ~ My Senior Story

Trinity High School has been like a second home to me long before I stepped foot into the building on the first day of my freshman year in August of 2017. From years of summer camps to watching my cousins perform in Trinity theater productions to elementary school basketball games in the small gym, I had always felt a certain sense of comfort while circling the school (though I was always nervous when passing by the seemingly ginormous lockers I was convinced were going to engulf me at any moment). However, the reason for this immediate sense of comfort had eluded me for the longest time, but upon recent reflection, I’m convinced I found the source. It comes from my Biology teacher making my entire class bracelets to wear into the IB exams for good luck, from my Math teacher staying up until almost 9:30 on a school night to Zoom with me to answer some last-minute questions I had on the test the next day, from the Student Activities director waking up at 4 a.m. so that the seniors would be surprised with homemade donuts before school one morning. I could go on and on listing acts like these -- all of the aforementioned instances occurred in the last month alone. Every member of the student body, faculty, and staff plays a part in making the building at 7574 Division a true home. The dedication that the Trinity community has to make the school a home for each and every single one of its students so they can foster their interests and passions is unparalleled and creates a nurturing and constructive environment designed to see every student succeed. Though it will be difficult to walk out of the doors of the school one last time as a student, I am grateful for the loving community that has embraced me for the past thirteen years and know that I will continue to carry the Trinity spirit within me for the rest of my life.  Boston College ~ International Studies, St. Luke Grade School, River Forest