Dawn Jackson ~ My Senior Story

‘This is where I belong.' I remember thinking this as I stood backstage peeking through the curtains, watching the show preview for Cinderella, on what happened to be my shadow day.  Of course, I was mesmerized by the action happening both on stage and off, but what struck me was the energy of the auditorium, the girls cheering and applauding for their friends, and the bright smiles on their faces. I already liked Trinity and was excited to see it as a shadow, but by the end of that day, I knew that I loved Trinity. At Freshman orientation, I ate lunch with some (at the time) random girls who I didn’t know very well but who seemed very friendly. I didn’t know it yet but those girls would end up becoming my second family. Four years later, my second family has been through a lot. Highs and lows, from being the loudest in the library at 7:50 am (sorry everyone) to being the loudest in the lunchroom ( again, sorry) and the Dunkin runs in between. These memories would not be possible without Trinity. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the friendships I made and the energy I felt on my shadow day. All I can hope for as a member of the outgoing class of 2021, is that the next girl who walks the halls of Trinity High School gets to feel the same awesome energy I felt for the past four years. DePaul University ~ Communications and Media, St. William School, Chicago
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