Nicole Ciserella ~ My Senior Story

What I'll miss about these last 4 years are the people I've met and the community that's made me feel so welcomed and loved. I've truly enjoyed every class I've taken, I've loved meeting every person I met, and I've cherished all the moments I've shared in my last 4 years. Trinity was the first place I've loved learning and it's allowed for me to get accepted to my #1 college, American University! When I was accepted to American I cried tears of joy and I felt so proud of myself that I decided to go to Trinity 4 years ago. Going to an all-girls school has given me the confidence to know what I want to do and the brains to know-how. I have grown so much during my time at Trinity and I've loved being a part of this sisterhood. Trinity's my school forever, to you, Trinity, I'll pledge my best endeavors. My alma mater Trinity! American University, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest
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