Mia Salazar ~ Senior Story

The past four years at Trinity have prepared me for an education in the desert. I will be attending Arizona State University this fall as an architecture major. I hadn’t realized how much of an impact this school had on me until these last few months of my senior year. I walked through the doors of Trinity as a shy, dependent girl who served as a follower, but I leave an independent, determined woman who, not only learned to become a leader but learned to discover my skills and passions. With the variety of opportunities Trinity High School provided me, I combined my skill for mathematics with my love for art and design to determine what I wanted to pursue. In addition to being given options to discover my future, I was automatically given a loving and diverse support group the second I started my freshman year. Each woman I met or encountered at Trinity changed the way I viewed myself and influenced me to become stronger. My teachers taught me to believe in myself and my work and encouraged me to strive for positions that I never knew I was capable of holding, one being an officer of NAHS. This school believed in me before I ever came close to believing in myself. Trinity High School built a foundation for my future preparing me to start a new chapter in my life 1,436 miles away from home. 

Mia Salazar, Heritage Middle, Berwyn, IL
Arizona State University